Bypass INKY in O365


  1. Login to the Exchange Admin Center → Mail Flow → Rules

  2. Hit the “+” icon then “Create a new rule…”

  3. Hit the “More Options…” button to expose all of the rule options

  4. Set up the following parameters:

    1. Name: IPW Filter - "Your Name Here"

    2. Apply this rule if…: choose the applicable option for the sender

    3. Do the following…: Modify the message properties… set a message header

    4. Set the message header “X-IPW-Ignore” to the value “True”

    5. Match sender address in message:

      1. Header - Least secure as the header from field can be spoofed

      2. Envelope - Most secure but may not match everything you need

      3. Header or envelop - Most broad but just as insecure as header only

    6. Save the Rule

    7. The rule will be added to the bottom of the rule stack, double click back into the rule then scroll down to Priority. Change the priority to the number just after the last filter rule, in my example last filter rule is “IPW Filter - Calendar” so I should change my newly created rule to 17 then hit save.