Retrieve Message Trace from O365


These steps can be used to pull a Office 365 Message trace. These traces help INKY determine where there could be a potential problem in the mail flow. Please follow the below instructions to pull all of the message traces for the corresponding message ID and submit all of the results to INKY to analyze.


  1. Login to

  2. Navigate to the Exchange Admin Center → Mail Flow → Message Trace

  3. Copy and Paste the Message ID into the appropriate field then hit search


  4. Each INKY routed mail should have two message traces (there could potentially be more if there’s a mail loop)


  5. The first trace should show that mail is routed out the IPW connector


  6. The second should show the mail being delivered


  7.  If there are more than two traces that return when searching be sure to include all of them so INKY can see why there is more than normal.